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Where can you buy a copy?

The exclusive distributor for the book is camerabooks.com Their website is: www.camerabooks.com

The book is an individually numbered limited edition print run of 2000 books. It is a completely new book from the previously published Hasselblad System Compendium – not a simple revision – with much more information and printed with much better quality.

Camerabooks.com ships all over the world at very reasonable costs. They also supply other booksellers such as Lindemann in Germany.

 Hasselblad Compendium

The book is a major revision and update of the Hasselblad System Compendium published in 1998 by Hove Books in England and reprinted (without changes) in 2003. The original book went out of print in 2006.

It is a hardbound book of 368 pages, 8.5 by 11 inch format, printed in grayscale, with 1120 photographs in the text. The book is a description of the history of the company Hasselblad AB and all the products that it has produced (cameras, lenses, accessories). Some example pages from the book are shown in the adjacent column.

Hasselblad cameras were first made beginning in 1949 as the result of the vision of Victor Hasselblad who felt that a high quality modular camera using film larger than 35 mm but more convenient than large format sheet film would find ready acceptance by photographers. For more than 60 years Hasselblad has been the standard by which all medium format cameras are judged and has been used by a wide range of photographers from wedding and fashion, portraiture, industrial, scientific and art. Hasselblad cameras received particular recognition as the primary film camera for the NASA space program.

This book provides systematic and detailed descriptions of all Hasselblad equipment made up to the beginning of 2011. Included are all the production cameras, lenses and accessories as well a many rare and unusual items. Tables of equipment codes and information on production numbers and dates of manufacture are provided.

An included DVD with data files in pdf form (plays on computer only) contains much additional information including instruction books, factory brochures and catalogs, related documents and pdf files of all the photographs in the book – including some in color that are black and white in the printed pages.


*** Forward (Sören Gunnarson)
*** Preface
*** Introduction

PART ONE: The Early Cameras (1949-1957)

*** The Beginnings
*** The Military Cameras
*** Hasselblad 1600F – Mechanical Development – Production Camera Bodies – 1600F advertising and packaging

*** Hasselblad 1000F – 1000F Serial Numbers – Lenses for the Early Cameras – Kodak Lenses – Zeiss Lenses – Supreme Wide Angle / Super Wide

*** Accessory Equipment – Accessory Description – Marketing the early Hasselblad – Bibliography for the Early Cameras – The Ledger Books

PART TWO: The 1957 – 2010 Cameras: The V System

*** Identification of post-1957 Hasselblad Camera bodies and film magazine manufacturing dates

The V-System Cameras

The V-System Lenses – Special purpose and special production lenses –

V-System Film Magazines and Digital Backs – Digital backs for the V-System – Film Magazine Accessories

*** V-System Accessories

Section A. Body Related Accessories Section B. Lens Related Accessories – Section C. Accessories for the EL, SWC and 2000/200 FC Cameras – Section D. Cases and Unterwater Housing, PCP80 and Special Items

PART 3: The XPan and the H-System Cameras

*** XPan
*** XPan II
*** XPan Lenses
*** XPan Accessories
*** The H System Cameras
*** H System Lenses


Data Appendices

Afterword (Milos Mladek)

ISBN: 978-0-9869188-0-3

Published by Cloak Hill Communication (www.cloakhill.com)