New Information

New data, new knowledge

Putting together a reference book is something that can never come to a final form as new information becomes discovered all the time and needs to be added to what is already known – or revisions of what was thought to be correct previously.

A couple of recent examples that fit into this category.

I received a note from Jan Lagerlöf in Sweden asking if I had ever seen a rear lens cap (gray plastic) for a C-series lens that was a push on design rather than the usual bayonet-fit version. I had not ever seen such an item! It was on an early 250 mm lens from the first block of production made in 1956. A photo is shown below. Thanks to Jan for sharing this new bit of information. Note that for the description of Rear Lens Caps on page 253 of the book, there should now be a 4th version of the Rear Lens Cap mentioned – although it is likely a very rare item.


The second example is the introduction of new products from the factory. The attempt was to make the book current at least to the point when it went to the printer (early May 2011). At Photokina 2010 the H4D- 200MS was announced as a future camera and it began shipping in May 2011. The H4D is a modified H4D-50 that uses 4 exposures and some sophisticated software to generate very high resolution files.


The H4D-60 which was announced in in 2010 became generally available in July 2011.

A completely new camera, the H4X was announced in October 2011. This camera was designed to accept non-Hasselblad digital backs (e.g. Phase One and Leaf) which was not possible with H3 and H4 cameras which could only use Hasselblad digital backs.


At Photokina 2012 three new components were announced. First was the new H5D.

Second was a new lens: a 24 mm f4.8 wide angle.

Third was a macro converter for wide angle lenses (like the new 24 mm).



Below will be listed some of the minor errors that I have found in the text and may be of interest to those with a sharp eye and an overdeveloped sense of editorial correctness. Any comments or corrections that you find will be gratefully received (and acknowledged!).

One section that will likely be updated on a regular basis is Appendix 5 – the listing of the lens serial number ranges and the dates they were manufactured. The sections on the C and CF and F and FE lenses up to 1997 is reasonably accurate and complete. The data for the post 1997 lenses is a work in progress and I will post updates on lens block ranges and new blocks as new serial numbers are gathered.